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PACT® Nail Fungus Therapy

PACT®, an abbreviation and a scientific term for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy, is a new innovative nail fungus treatment that is painless, quick, and safe with no side effects.


Photodynamic Therapy is the interaction of light with photosensitive agents to produce an energy transfer and local chemical effect. Using this method, bacteria, viruses and fungi can be effectively destroyed on the skin surface or nails.


PACT works by using a special blue dye which makes fungal cells sensitive to light at a certain wavelength, killing fungal cells in a short time.


Fungal cells are less sensitive than other organisms and harder to penetrate when they are in the nail plate. PACT therapy can reach the infection without harming the skin. The consecutive application of 3 sessions ensures that the fungal spores are adequately targeted and killed. This makes it a quick, safe, and painless fungal toenail treatment.


Book now with one of our podiatrists and get the best results with 3 sessions within 1 week.

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