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Welcome to our Verrucae Pedis Information Hub

(Verrucae Pedis)

Are you experiencing discomfort on the bottom of your foot? It could be Verrucae Pedis, commonly known as Plantar Wart. Explore the information below to understand the condition and discover various treatment options available.

Understanding Verrucae Pedis (Plantar Wart)

Verrucae Pedis is a viral growth caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), typically found on the bottom of the foot. This condition is more prevalent in areas with skin breaks, tiny cuts, or weakened spots on the foot. Children and the elderly, especially those with weakened immune responses, are more susceptible to Verrucae Pedis.


Signs and Symptoms

  • Small, rough, grainy growth on the bottom of the foot

  • Hard, thickened skin over a well-demarcated spot

  • Black pinpoints or mosaic appearance

  • Pain or tenderness upon weight-bearing


When to Seek Treatment

In many cases, a healthy individual's immune system can naturally combat the viral infection. However, if symptoms persist or worsen, it may be advisable to explore treatment options.

Treatment Options


Mechanical Debridement with Topical Applications

This approach involves removing the wart through mechanical means and applying topical solutions. Common applications include:

  • Salicylic Acid: A topical treatment that breaks down the wart tissue, facilitating its removal. Regular application over several weeks is typically recommended.

  • Silver Nitrate: Applied topically to the wart to promote its removal. Acts as a caustic agent, aiding in the destruction of the wart tissue.

  • Phenol: Used as a chemical agent to debride and remove the wart. Applied with precision by healthcare professionals.



Cryotherapy involves freezing the wart using liquid nitrogen, leading to the destruction of the wart tissue.  A healthcare professional applies liquid nitrogen to the wart. Freezing causes the wart to blister and eventually fall off.​​


Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift Microwave Therapy utilizes microwave technology to target and treat warts. Microwaves heat and destroy the infected tissue within the wart. Swift Microwave Therapy has shown effectiveness, often requiring fewer sessions than traditional methods.


Verrucae Needling

Verrucae needling is a procedure involving controlled injury to stimulate the immune system and prompt natural healing. A small needle is used to puncture the wart, introducing a controlled injury, which stimulates the immune system to actively fight the wart. The body's immune response is triggered, leading to wart elimination 

  • A needle is used to puncture the wart, introducing a controlled injury.

    • The body's immune response is triggered, leading to wart elimination.

  • Effectiveness:

    • This method stimulates the immune system to actively fight the wart.


Surgical Excision

For more complex cases, surgical excision may be considered for precise and complete wart removal:

  • Procedure:

    • The wart is surgically excised by a healthcare professional.

    • Ideal for large or persistent warts.

  • Effectiveness:

    • Surgical excision ensures the complete removal of the wart.

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