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Diabetes Assesment

Diabetes is a systemic metabolic condition with potentially severe consequences for foot health when not promptly identified. Therefore, a diabetic foot evaluation is of paramount importance for individuals living with diabetes. Our skilled podiatrists routinely conduct comprehensive neurovascular assessments to assess blood circulation and sensory function in your feet. This proactive approach is aimed at preventing the development of severe foot issues like ulcers and help avoid potential amputations.

During a diabetes assessment, your podiatrist will: 

  • Ask you some questions about symptoms associated with diabetes foot complications, as well as your lifestyle habits 

  • Assess your legs and feet for any signs of complications such as peripheral vascular disease or loss of protective sensation

  • Examine the adequacy of your blood flow and sensation

  • Assess for any potential risk of diabetic foot ulcer such as an ingrown big toenail, fungal infection, callus / corn etc.

  • Footwear review


After completing a comprehensive diabetes foot assessment, your podiatrist will provide you with information about your diabetes foot complication risk status, and ways to lower / maintain your risk status. Your podiatrist will also inform your preferred doctor in regards of the results of your foot assessment and management plan. 

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