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Orthotic Therapy

Orthoses are inserts placed in footwear to aid in optimising the posture of the heel relative to the ground - it's not to merely crank up the arch! The more we can help control the foot to optimise function, re-distribute pressure and reduce unnecessary energy expenditure means less fatigue in the feet. 


There are many different types of orthoses available, however deciding on a type of device depends on what we are trying to achieve; whether it's to correct the foot posture (functional) or to merely support the foot in its current position (accommodative). There are of course limitations to the amount of correction that can be achieved with an orthotic and in some cases surgical correction is required to alter the foot posture permanently to optimise both function and comfort. Should this be the case, we can discuss options available, however, conservative treatment should be exhausted prior to exploring more invasive options. 

Whether a conventional "over the counter" or a custom orthoses is selected depends on your foot posture measurements which reflect your heel position, arch type, length and width of your foot. Other factors we consider are also the type of shoes the orthoses will be fitted into eg. footy boots, pumps and sneakers. 


At Manning Podiatry, we are proud to be the first WA clinic to offer a zoned lattice structure orthoses which provides custom correction and density control in up to 7 different areas of the orthotic (unlike the generic plastic type). With access to this advanced technology, the bulk of the device is reduced without compromising structure and comfort.


By combining an interactive assessment tool empowered by AI technology and complemented by hands-on biomechanical evaluations conducted by our Podiatrist, we can craft a customised prescription tailored to your specific foot characteristics. Our seamless integration with a 3D scan of your foot enhances our accuracy to create a custom orthoses in collaboration with our skilled orthotic lab team.

If you are experiencing feet pain, knee pain, lower back pain - book in for a biomechanical assessment as you may benefit from orthotic therapy. 

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